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Challenge: Legumes

September 13, 2010

September 2010 Challenge: Legumes

I know it’s almost the middle of the month, but I had trouble deciding
on what to do. I thought about fish, but then I wasn’t really all that
excited about it. And then I thought about weird vegetables, but I
don’t want to subject you to that. So I have a category that is non-
weird-vegetable and hopefully general enough for you to find something
you’ll want to make.

The category is…… LEGUMES! So get your search on for a new recipe
using some kind of bean, pea, or lentil. Bean dips, soups, salads,
curries, burgers, dried/fried/baked snacks… lotsa possibilities. And
if you need more specific guidance, perhaps consider picking a new
legume and trying it out. Here’s a list:



  • Korean Spiced Kidney Beans This recipe is similar to a dish we’d regularly get at lunchtime while I was in Korea, though the thickness and sweetness is toned down. It goes well with Asian food.
  • Cypriot Sour Lentil Soup – There are a bazillion  lentil soup recipes. I picked this because it looked simple, I had all the ingredients, and I like vinegars. 🙂


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