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Reviews: Zucchini

July 27, 2010

From Laura

  • Shredded Zucchini – 5/5. Tastes great with feta cheese! I had to cook
    it way longer than just 5 minutes (10 or 15) to get the moisture gone,
    and shredding the zucchini pretty much meant there wasn’t a chance for really firm texture, but if you didn’t expect it to be really firm I don’t think you’d have been bothered. I’d definitely make this again.
    (Oh, I used dried basil instead of dill. Am not a fan of dill, don’t have it on hand, and was not about to go buy some just for this!)
  • Zucchini Strips – 2/5 I couldn’t get my chips to brown evenly, or at the same time as other chips/strips, and they took rather a long time overall in my little toaster oven, considering how much they shrank  down and how quickly I ate them. The spices were kind of boring, and the ones I let get really brown had very little taste resemblance to anything zucchini-y. I think I’ll try these again in the big oven with the new Italian spice grinder I bought. Perhaps if I use zucchini I’ve  hand cut instead of zucchini I cut in slices using the slicer side of  the box grater they’d be more even as well. I am hoping a second go will earn it another star.

  • Zucchini, Mint and Yogurt Spread – 3/5 (needs better texture/pairing Tastes fine, but I’d like the texture to be smoother. That’s probably partially my fault for not being patient and partially because I only have a mini food processor that holds one cup at a time. Not so efficient there. But it tastes just like other yogurt mint sauces that I’ve had before. It would be good with some middle eastern or Indian food- I just brought bread to eat with it. Yogurt sauces go really well with spicy dishes (they balance the spice), so I might try to whip up something spicy this week to finish off the rest with.

  • Lasagna tart – 4/5 I think I put more ricotta than the recipe called for. It called for 1 1/2 and I think I put 2. My bad. So Nic, it’s probably my fault that it’s too much cheese to things with textural substance. 🙂 But the taste was still good in my opinion, and I was surprised that the sauce was so flavorful considering it only had three ingredients, and none of them were Italian herbs. The making of it was not too bad for something that looks so pretty- I bought frozen crusts, so that helps. The most difficult part was speading ricotta cheese over the layer of zucchini slices. The zucchini kept coming up or moving when I tried to spread the cheese. Next time I’d drop little balls of cheese and then just press them into place to minimize spreading damage.

From Nic:

  • The zucchini pancakes I tried were pretty good, more like zucchini omelets, though. I don’t think my measurements for the zucchini & some of the other ingredients were accurate, so maybe that’s why they came out that way. I’d probably add more Panko next time, but I think the boys liked it. That’s always the litmus test, I’m finding out.
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